Is the perfect bra a unicorn?

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From antiquity there comes many stories and legends of the old ways. From the back corner of women’s bathrooms to Tupperware parties, the legend of the perfect bra has increased over time. Let’s investigate whether the perfect bra exists or is only a sad wish of girls everywhere.

Let us start with the simple issue of what if the perfect bra incorporate. An underwire? I think not! No poking, thank you. We are going to need lots of support from the ground up to give our shoulders a break. We’ll want complete cup support to make sure there is no”drifting” to and fro. The material ought to be breathable and soft. It should be adjustable so we can look larger or smaller than we are. We’ll want some good cleavage and the ability to show some skin.

So, what have we clarified? It seems like the ultimate Frankenstein bra. Our ideal bra is basically a sports bra made of velvet that offers full cup support while also creating cleavage. Obviously, this particular design is impossible. Additionally, it lets us see why there are so many distinct styles of bras.

In truth, the majority of women would consider a bra”ideal” if it was comfortable. This implies quality material, plenty of service and a superior fit. As you and I both know, it is pretty hard. So why is it so hard for bra designers to think of the perfect bra for us? There are a few factors.

The first issue has to do with our breasts. We have two of these. By all rights, they need to be the same size. If yours are, you are exceedingly lucky. The majority of us have variations. One might be a bit bigger and have a rounder shape or it might be the exact opposite. How then is a bra designer supposed to come up with a bra that can meet our unique requirements? The only way is by doing a sizing and constructing a custom made bra for each of us. In case you’ve got the money, you can get it done. The majority of us can not afford that kind of expense.

The next issue has to do with how we change through the month. As you know, your breasts make sensitive around that particular time of the month. They also increase in size and frequently will change shape.

A bra that fits us perfectly on the 5th day of the month may be too small or large on the 20th day. This is why there is not and really can’t be a perfect bra until some technology is developed that can change sizes with our body. Perhaps nanotechnology is going to do the trick!

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